Barry Carrillo

6ft, 165lbs, 26 years old, Club Owner in Milwaukee


St 14, Dx 13, IQ 12, HT 11, HP 12, Will 12, Per 12, FP 11.
Languages: English


I am a club owner who has made friends and enemies along the way. Usually I can’t remember which side of the fench most people fall on so I do get myself in trouble once in a while. My mom as far as I know was a whore on the local military base. The best I can tell, I was the result of her sleeping with a military man that was hopped up on experiemental drugs. He was not supose to have left the base the night that he did because they were not sure what the drugs were going to do. I have dug into it as far as I can trying to locate who he was but at this point I have hit a brick wall everytime I seem to be getting somewhere. As time goes by there are less and less people that seem to even know anything about this program that he was involved in. It seems to have been done off the record to protect the people in charge. As far as my mom goes she is still up to her old tricks, most of the time to get her next drug fix, half of the time she does not even know who I am.

Barry Carrillo

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